{sunshine + a happy family = a fun photo shoot!}

Guess what I got to do this weekend?  I got to finally meet Stephanie Moore in person!  As many of you know, she's a very talented photographer in Tucson, AZ.  We've been friends for a while on-line and we teach classes together on "The Bloom Forum".  We've seen each other over the internet and talked on the phone but we've never had an opportunity to meet up in person.  But when I met her I felt like we'd known each other forever!  She's an amazing mom, photographer and friend.  I'm so glad I got to meet her family too.  What a fun bunch!!  Carter, her son was a giggler.  Every time I went to straighten his shirt he busted out in laughter...he's EXTREMELY ticklish!  And sweet Brooklyn, is a sweet soul.  She's a little pro too.  I can tell her momma is a photographer!  And the newest little one in the bunch was so patient!  What an amazing little girl.  I pushed her to the limits with all of the locations we hit and she didn't make a peep until the very end letting me know she was over my camera ha!   And of course Stephanie's husband was very kind and held my bags for me when I had my hands full.  Seriously! What a guy!  I loved our time together and can't wait to meet up again.  We agreed we need to get together more - my kids would love her kids.  I'm excited.  Here's a peek at our session.

{Bloom Basics - Only 3 Days Left to Register!}

Stephanie and I are gearing up for another great group of students who've signed up for our on-line 'Bloom Basics' workshop!  And there are just a few seats left and only 3 more days to register. This class requires NO prior experience with photography.  This is about learning to use your DSLR on manual mode.  Forget using 'Auto' - gain control over the look of your images through your cameras settings.   Understanding how to control your camera to get the images you want.  We will be covering so many topics including photoshop!  For more details about the class and registration links click here.  And of course e-mail me at any time with questions:  kara@karamayphotography.com  Hope to see you in our private on-line classroom on Monday!

{'Dream' Issue of CHIC Magazine}

I'm excited about this month's Dream Issue of CHIC Magazine.  It's loaded with beautiful images and detailed articles.  I was flattered when I was asked to contribute with a tutorial on 'Beautiful Backlighting'.  I love writing (when I have time) especially when its technical writing about photography.  And I love to teach so this was so much fun for me to do. And finally....being in Arizona, I worship the light for photography here and utilize backlighting for most all of my sessions.   If you're interested in getting a hardcopy or a digital copy of CHIC magazine you can click here to order.  Hope you enjoy it!

{Vintage Crown}

I love crowns, especially vintage crowns.  When TJF Designs , creator of 'Confessions of a Prop Junkie' asked me to work with her on this stunning crown, I was ecstatic!  My mind started racing and I was getting so inspired from this one amazing little crown.  I thought about what I wanted to do.  And for some reason I do my best thinking last minute (literally) when it all comes together.  My mom made Brielle the gorgeous red cloak and Brielle really wanted to wear her new converse boots.  So I added them in to the pile of things to bring to the shoot and gathered a few more things...a tutu, cute lacy leggings, a brush and some hair spray.  Then we raced to the site with the last available amount of light and I feel in love with the scene that Brielle created with those new crazy boots and brilliant vintage crown.  You can find some amazing props and unique, beautiful crowns on Tabitha's website.  She also has a Facebook Fan Page where she posts recent items added to her store as well as sales and promotions and other business happenings.

{Win A Seat at the Savvy Workshop in Alys Beach - deadline Dec 2nd}

Many of you know Marsha Mifsud, owner of the Savvy Photographer.  She's an amazing business woman and the coordinator of the upcoming Savvy Workshop at Alys Beach in Florida.  I'm honored to be a part of this workshop and the amazing group of ladies who are also going to be teaching at this workshop.

So what's this workshop about?  The Workshop is being held in Alys Beach, Florida on February 22nd to the 25th, 2013.  Details can be found here.  This location is amazing!  I can't wait!  There are going to be phenomenal speakers, bonding, friendship making, photoshoots, dinners together, late night giggles, and all around fun.

So who are the speakers?     Laura Winslow, the talented owner of  Laura Winslow Photography and my dear friend will be speaking about savvy marketing, how to find your ideal client and how to make your packaging wow your clients.  Alice Park, owner of  Alice Park Photography and founder of the NAPCP will be sharing how she continues to run her amazingly successful business while balancing the demands of being a mom and  running the National Association of Profession Child Photographers .  Beth Glisson, owner of Caroline's Heirloom Photography will be sharing some great editing tricks, tips as well as how she manages her photoshop workflow.  And I will be delving into all aspects of  Styling & Posing your clients!  We will be photographing models so attendees can get hands on learning with a live shoot!!   Sounds like fun right?  I can't wait to meet those of you who've already purchased a seat! So what's the deal with the title of my post?  There's a contest!  Marsha is giving away a seat to the workshop.  Yes, a seat and accommodations.   It's very easy to enter - you can choose one category or you can do ALL of the categories.  Be creative!  Here are the details: click here.  Since this week has been so busy with Thanksgiving travel and many people have e-mailed saying that they were bummed to miss out since they were out of town and couldn't enter the contest.  So Marsha has extended the cut-off for submissions to next Sunday (a week from today)!  If you have any questions, let us know.  We're happy to answer any questions you have.

{'The August Collaboration' - revealed}

I've had to keep this project quiet for months and today it's finally been revealed!  It started with an idea....that of Lexi Vornberg's from Lenses & Lemonade.  It turned into a work of art all surrounding a crown traveling around the country  and into the hands of  15 different photographers, each with a unique and artistic vision. I'm flattered and humbled to be a part of this talented group in presenting this unique, creative project.  Below are some images that I captured and one or two that I didn't include in the magazines' final production.   At the end of this post you'll see a link-image to the magazine, please look through the electronic book to see the vision of everyone included in this amazing project.  Thank you Lexi for asking me to be a part of this amazing compilation of visual art.



Just wanted to follow-up on yesterday's status about my Critique Class. It  'SOLD OUT' in less than 24 hours - yay!  There may still be some 'silent seats' available.  Let me know if you're interested or if you have any questions.  For those of you who signed up - I'm so excited to work with you.  I would love to be in touch with you prior to the class starting.  You can bounce things off me and ask any questions about the critiquing process  (although I know Kelli will be in touch with you prior to the class's official kick-off).  E-mail me at kara@karamayphotography.com and let me know if you have an active seat or a silent seat and we can do a little corresponding and maybe you can tell me what you're unsatisfied with in your current photos if there's something particular you're concerned about.  I'm looking forward to our class.  Thank you so much for signing up.


{Registration is OPEN in just under 2 hours!}

Can your images be better, but you're not sure how?  Getting honest, constructive feedback with a video showing you how to modify your image may be one of the most valuable next steps for you and your business.  My Chic Critique class registration is open in less than 2 hours!   And I'm looking forward to working with excited photographers that want to take their work to the next level.  The 4 week critique is $69 and if you want to just watch and not have your photo critiqued it's ONLY $34.   Check out the link to sign up and for more information.  I'm so excited to work with those who sign up!  :)

UPDATE:  After registration being open for only a few hours - there are ONLY 2 spots left!  Seats are going fast!  I can't wait to work with those of you who've signed up.  Thank you!!

{Project 26 - 'Bus Stop'}

It's that time again.  It's Friday's Project 26!    This weeks theme is 'Bus Stop'.  I wasn't feeling it for 'bus stop' so I took a few steps outside of the box and used a 'stopped bus' as the inspiration for this weeks theme.  My kids don't take the bus to school (I like to drive them) so they aren't on buses regularly.  I didn't know how I was going to find a bus, let alone one I could go into.  Then I thought.  I searched.  And I found.  I can't reveal too much more than that since I didn't exactly have explicit permission.  All I can say is - I did it!  Yay.  Here's a little peak into my 'bus' theme for this weeks photo. {and yes, I can't seem to ever just post one picture, I have to have a few.}

 Check out  Valeria Zaiat |The Red Balloon Photography  Our group has been busy with work and other life happenings so participants are posting when they can. So this week has a teeny-tiny number of participants.

{Blanket Fun! - Mesa, Arizona Family Photographer}

I wanted to share this session I did over the Fall.  I know, over the Fall?  What's that all about?  Well I haven't blogged most of my fall sessions.  Things get so busy and I'm on such a time crunch to get galleries up and orders delivered, so blogging the session images gets pushed aside, BAD I know.  But I really wanted to post this session - it's with one of my favorite and most dear friends and her family.  My friend Haleigh is also a talent photographer in my area!  She and her husband are also the owners of 'Fanciful Frames'.  Have you heard of them?  If not, you've got to!  And a little secret:  if you're a fan of Fanciful frames on Facebook, she often posts super discounted prices on their frames.  I just bought an 11x14 frame, 'tart' shaped in the fanicful color since she was doing a 48 hour sale only on Facebook on that color and several others so I snagged it just before the sale ended!  Yay!  I can't wait to get it.  I have 2 other frames of hers a 20x30 huge beautiful black frame and an 8x10 'Apple Tart' colored frame.  Super cute!  Anyway, I could go on but I'll stop  ;-)  Check her page out!

This fall I was lucky to photograph her beautiful family!  Aren't they beautiful.  Kinda unfair hu?  Yeah, that's what I was thinking.  They were so wonderful and easy to work with, not surprising since their momma is a photographer.  Here's a peek at our session.