{Bloom Basics Workshop is back} Registration OPEN now!

Stephanie Moore and I are back!  Due to popular demand we are doing another 'Bloom Basics', on-line, 3 week course!  We're so excited!  Registration is a first come first serve.  Seats are limited so reserve yours before it fills up.  If you're a Bloom Forum Member head over to the forum and sign up.  If you're not a member you can sign up here.  Please let me know if you have any questions at all.  That's what I'm here for and no question is a silly question.  Looking forward to meeting you all!

Unsure if this is for you?  Check out what some former 'Bloom Basics' students have to say about the course {see the bottom of this post}.

Sample work of former Bloom Basics Workshop attendees.  

Here's what some of them had to say:

I can't say enough good things about the Bloom Basics photography course taught by Kara May and Stephanie Moore.  When I started the class, I was a true novice and hadn't operated my camera on anything more than "auto".  At the conclusion, I could not only take pictures in manual mode with so much more confidence than I expected, but I could also edit in Photoshop.  I'm able to adjust f-stop, exposure, and shutter speed while taking into consideration lighting and surroundings.  Kara and Stephanie encourage participation and are so helpful in all aspects of the learning process.  Their lessons included many videos so that we could also "see" how things are done, which is very helpful.  They would even answer individual questions with a personal video if you were struggling with some concept.  The class was so much fun, that I didn't want it to end and I am looking forward to the next class that I can take :)

-Kathy K.


Bloom basics was such a great workshop for me. Stephanie and Kara were amazing instructors. The daily lessons were very easy to follow and then throughout the day and weeks they were frequently on the forum to explain, answer questions, and show examples. They were very available through out the course of the workshop. When I started this workshop I was always shooting in automatic. Now I am shooting in manual and understanding the triangle to doing it!

- Amy P.


I absolutely LOVED the Bloom Basics workshop – the material was presented in a clear way and it built on itself everyday. Even though I read several books about exposure and practiced on my own prior to – it really clicked in the first few days of the workshop. Steph and Kara were amazing – so supportive and ensuring that all questions were answered thoroughly. I learned so much and am so thankful for the experience.

- Sharyn B.


With no hesitation, I can say that Bloom Basics with Stephanie and Kara was life changing for me and for my photography! I was able to learn SO much about the world of photography in such a short time and am forever thankful. Before taking the course, I knew how to shoot in manual, but didn't completely understand all the concepts associated with shooting in manual and never felt proud of my images. Thanks to the detailed lessons and active instructors, I now fully understand the exposure triangle, have learned what terms like "metering" and "composition" actually mean and feel confident shooting both inside AND outside (even in full sun!). Kara and Stephanie offered such valuable feedback - critiques were honest and helpful EVERY time. I cannot rave enough about both of these talented and caring instructors. What an amazing opportunity for me to have been taught by such wonderful women and photographers! If you are wanting to improve your pictures and experience an amazing opportunity, sign up fast! I wanted to share a shot I have recently taken to document how beneficial this course truly is.

-Katie P


I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop.  I was on the fence about the commitment, since I have two little ones at home and rarely find time to do much of ANYthing for myself.  But was so glad I went with my gut and signed up!  I have had a DSLR since the birth of my first child three years ago, but was never able to find the time to sit down and learn how to shoot in manual.  My photos were just "meh" and I needed someone to just teach me the basic basics to get out of the snapshot rut.  I am definitely one that learns by seeing AND doing, with lots of practice in between, so reading books never really worked when trying to learn a new skill.  Your videos were extremely helpful and the way the class was set up was very easy to follow.   I was able to pop on when I could, as often as my daily schedule could allow.   You were both very good about responding to all our questions very quickly and presented material in a simple, yet very effective way.  But the talent you each have and brought to the class is unbelievable and I feel honored that you shared your tips, tricks and secrets with us!  I have been diligent about practicing since our class ended and have even started a photo project for 2013!  Even well before the workshop was over, I received compliments on the photos that I published on facebook or shared with family.  I feel like I have only scratched the surface, but can thank you for inspiring me and encouraging my enthusiasm for this beautiful art!  And one that allows me to capture precious moments and memories of my family and loved ones along the way.  It really has opened a door and changed the way I see things.  Thank you so much for this wonderful gift!!!

- Brita S.


I loved this online course! Stephanie and Kara were amazing at teaching us "newbies" the proper way to shoot in manual. Their material was to the point and so easy to learn. Often they answered our questions in a videos that would end up benefitting all of us. Their videos are very simple to follow along. When I first started this course I had ZERO experience using my camera in Manuel mode... now that's ALL I use. I would definitely recommend this. It's worth every penny!!

- Vanessa A.