Back by popular demand - 'Finding the Light' 

Lighting…it can make a good photograph great. In this 1 and a half day workshop, I will share secrets of how I find the best light to create beautiful, moving imagery. I will be teaching how to seek beautiful light, how to use it once you find it and how to achieve ‘in-camera’ accuracy using technical aspects of photography. I will also share with you post-processing secrets as well as tips & tricks to help you with your current editing workflow.  This is an intimate workshop.  I'm only opening 15 seats so as a group get the most out of what is shared, shooting time, and one-on-one time.   Date and location: TBD

Cost:  $950 

*note: food, transportation and lodging are not included in the cost of the workshop.  

**** To be placed on the informational waiting list please contact me via my 'let's chat' page here on my website and in the subject please include 'Finding the Light'.  Thank you!