{'The August Collaboration' - revealed}

I've had to keep this project quiet for months and today it's finally been revealed!  It started with an idea....that of Lexi Vornberg's from Lenses & Lemonade.  It turned into a work of art all surrounding a crown traveling around the country  and into the hands of  15 different photographers, each with a unique and artistic vision. I'm flattered and humbled to be a part of this talented group in presenting this unique, creative project.  Below are some images that I captured and one or two that I didn't include in the magazines' final production.   At the end of this post you'll see a link-image to the magazine, please look through the electronic book to see the vision of everyone included in this amazing project.  Thank you Lexi for asking me to be a part of this amazing compilation of visual art.


{Boston & Chicago - Winter Wonderland}

I've been away so much this month.  Where?  Well one of the trips was to one of the most beautiful cities in the states!  Boston!  I love it there!  I hadn't been in 10 years so this was truly a treat.  My husband had some business there so he asked me along.  I jumped at it!  But what about the kids right?  Well we're lucky to have such wonderful grandparents close-by, they stayed with the kids!  We owe them big for all they do for us and the kiddos.  Anyway, Jeff and I left on a Saturday morning for our snowy adventure!  It was cold and snowing when we landed - I was in heaven even though I couldn't feel my hands or feet and my face was numb.  This to me was 'winter', winter in a big-beautiful-historic city.  Our long underwear came in handy since we walked or took the 'T' everywhere.  What a cool city!  It seems I only travel to big cities in January.  In January of 2010 I visited Chicago for the first time.  It was A-MAZ-ING!  Everyone thought I was crazy for visiting in the midst of their freezing weather, but I was thrilled to be there.  I don't think I ever shared those pictures on my blog - so I share those here too.  :)  First up - Boston in the winter!

{Below:  I couldn't resist the lines in the two photos below.  This door was on an unmarked building on Commonwealth.  I loved it.  And the escalator was in the tunnel on the way to the 'T'}

{below:  random alley that I liked in Government Center (I think) and the statute of the soldier below was in that alley in front of a bar.  I liked him :)}

{below:  in Little Italy - a cool street sign.  On that same street we noticed silverware in the cement  on the stoop of an Italian Restaurant.  Cool hu?}

{above:  'T' Sign - we got to know those well.  Their transportation system made life so easy there.  I wish every big city had such a slick system.}

{below:  The 'T' - notice that the guys on the right are in their underwear...they were musicians playing at the station.  I'm still not sure why they were in their underwear. Entertainment everywhere in Boston.}

{below:  the beautiful Capital, just off Boston Commons}

{above:  random narrow alley - cool lines.  below:  one of the many places I want to live in Boston.  Doesn't this look cool and quaint?  Sigh....}

{below:  we stopped for breakfast 2 mornings at this great little dinner on Beacon Hill - The Paramount.  So yummy.}

{below:  view from the Institute of Contemporary Art.  I sat in this area of the building for over an hour.  So therapeutic.}

{below:  the Holocaust Memorial.  So sad, yet so beautiful.  The lines on the tall pillars (there were 6 pillars) were the serial numbers of the victims who were killed.}

{below:  random splashes of color on the waterfront}

{below:  Jeff and I named this wondering boom-box carrying man - the 'boom-boom man'. We saw him several times in the Public Garden carrying his beach-scene-painted boom box, blasting his tunes.  We couldn't make out what he was listening to.  Entertainment a-plenty lol.}

{below:  Artsy building among the beautiful brownstone on Commonwealth}

{below:  used books liked the exterior walls of a second hand book store Jeff and I stopped at.  :)}

Next are pictures of Chicago - Winter 2010.  Another city I love and can 't wait to visit again!!  So amazingly beautiful!!

{below:  The Carousel on the Navy Pier had such an eerie look, slowly moving with empty seats.  It was begging to be photographed}

{Below:  Man fishing in the ice off the Navy Pier.  They were catching alots of fish on this cold winter day}

{Below:  the next several images are taken from the Sears Tower. What a fun experience!  I walked a few miles in the freezing cold to get to the Sears tower.  I was numb by the time I got there but it was 100% worth it!}

{Below:  'American Gothic'.  Such a pretty setting for this statue.  They moved it shortly after I left Chicago and brought it to....guess?  Mesa, Arizona!  Really.  I need to photograph it here since that's where I live. Crazy how that happened}

{below:  Cemetery that was calling me off the freeway on the way back to our hotel.  I thought it was beautiful.}

{Missing Mexico....}


I can't believe how much time has passed since my last blog post.  Gosh, I'm sorry.  I have so much to blog and so little time.  But I'm honestly going to make it a priority since I appreciate you taking the time to come by and see my little space in this vast cyber world.

As you may remember, my family and I went on vacation to Mexico in March and we are all missing it already.  The kids had a blast, we relaxed and everyone ate far too many chips & guacamole.  Anyway, the things we saw and the experiences we had were ones I hope my kids never forget.  My parents were there (we all go together every other year) and I'm so glad my children were able to experience this vacation with their grandparents too.  I tried to photograph what I could without looking like a tourist with a big black box attached to my neck.  These are some of the moments I was able to capture.


{Above}  Native to Mexico this nice man kindly allowed me to photograph him.  His look of worry and heartache haunts me.



{Above} Brielle, in her new handmade Mexican Dress that Grandpa bought for her.

{Below}  Taking a break from exploring the markets.



{Above}  A bridge colorfully painted by children who live in this small town.  I loved the unique artwork each child dedicated to their space.

{Below}  Tyler's hard work in bartering.  He was so proud of his thoughtful spending.  We were too.


{Below}  Cobblestone Streets...I fell in love.


{Below} Funky archway.


{Below}  A beautiful old church we visited. I loved the blue glass windows in this church.




{Below}  A food truck drove passed us on this narrow alleyway.  I couldn't resist photographing all the vibrant colors.  Made me hungry too. :)




{Above}  We ate lunch and had drinks at  peaceful restaurant on the beach.  Yummers.

{Below} And we played.  Tyler bought this slingshot for his daddy with some of his left over money.  Now they both have slingshots.  Boys.  :)



{Above} Tyler, quietly waiting for our food to come.

{Below} More refreshments.


{Below}  No this is not beer.  It's pineapple juice and Brielle drank every last drop - I think she liked it.



{Above}  This man stopped at our table while we were eating lunch hoping to entertain the kids.   He terrified them with his talking doll so we kindly tipped him so he could move on.

{Below} The peaceful quiet streets in Bucerius.






{Below} Gorgeous chandelier at our resort.  I would love to have a miniature one in my house.



{Below}  The maids would leave a different 'towel animal' on the kids beds each day. This was one of their favorites.


Swimming - both kids are fish!   :)  And we convinced Brielle to come out for a quick nourishment break here (rare, she won't leave the pool for anything).  :)  Tyler got brave with the waves. He wants to boogie board next time :)web-mex-brielle-swim




{the way I see...}

I've driven along this long country highway dozens of times.  Each time I see more and more that I ache to photograph.  Photograph it the way I see it (or want to see it).  This is my interpretation - very ordinary but also aged with decaying beauty.   Most would pass these on the road and think they were just an eye sore and I admit, billboards are such an annoyance to me but sometimes one or two will stick out and beg to be photographed.  And I love old metal signs - I can't pass one without  wishing I had my camera with me.  Anyway sorry this post is so short - I have a busy week ahead of me and wanted to make sure I posted before things got too crazy.  Thanks for taking a peek :)

{already missing the fluffy, white snow...}

Yesterday a wish of my kiddos came to fruition... it snowed here in South Carolina!  They've been wishing for snow since we moved here 2 years ago.  We got snow each year in Snoqualmie so it was strange for them not to get a taste of it each year.  Tyler was so excited at the thought that we might get snow that he woke up at 3am (that's not a typo) to look outside only to be let down that there wasn't any.  He was up on and off all morning and both kids squealed with anticipation when big white flakes finally began to fall from the sky.  Of course we spent most of the day outside playing in it, eating it, riding bikes in it, throwing it, etc.  They both made a 'snow pie' - you know, a bowl full of snow and I chopped up bits for fruit and put it in the bowl (as they stirred it) and then they ate it.  So fun!  We also made real snow cones! That was such a treat - I poured FUZE juice in it and they were giggling with excitement.  Then we took breaks , came in and had hot cocoa topped with mini marsh mellows.  This was the best winter day yet!    Now it's melting and Tyler and Brielle keep asking when we'll get more.  I'm afraid this was the last of it, but we enjoyed it while it was here.    Below are a few pictures of the snow! 

The first thing both kids did.... let the snow drop onto their tongue ;-)

Tyler running to throw a snowball at daddy's truck!  I've never seen someone love the snow as much as Tyler, he couldn't get enough of it.

Brielle the problem solver:  She insisted on wearing her sunglasses so the snow wouldn't get in her eyes.  She didn't take them off until the snow stopped blowing so hard.  I couldn't resist running in to get my camera to remember this moment.   Oh and she has a spoon and an apple slice in her hand making her tasty snow pie. 

{the calming fog}

Thank you so much for those of you who have nominated a person/family for my give-away below. The stories I've gotten so far have been heart-wrenching reminding me how important it is to give to others and to give often.  There's still time to send more nominations - just make sure you send them to kara@karamayphotography.com  telling me your nominations story, their name and your contact information.  I'll be posting the results on Christmas Eve (after obtaining permission from the recipient). 

I love mornings like this morning.  I woke up to deep mystical fog outside my window.  I love the quiet, calm feeling fog brings - everything seems to slow down a bit.  It's almost as good as snow (I love snow and have been so jealous that my family and friends in Seattle are seeing snowfall - I miss it and Tyler does too).   Anyway, after I dropped the kids off at school I rushed home to get my camera and set out to take a couple of quick pictures before heading back home to packaging orders.   Here's some of what I captured today.   I haven't had time to look at all of my images just these few.  The second image I played around with my two of my homebrewed processings to give the image a different look.  

Image below: I drive past this old tree and decayed shack every day. Something about this path takes me to another place.  I'll even take the 'long route' just to get another glance at my lonely, beautiful tree an the long narrow path.