Just wanted to follow-up on yesterday's status about my Critique Class. It  'SOLD OUT' in less than 24 hours - yay!  There may still be some 'silent seats' available.  Let me know if you're interested or if you have any questions.  For those of you who signed up - I'm so excited to work with you.  I would love to be in touch with you prior to the class starting.  You can bounce things off me and ask any questions about the critiquing process  (although I know Kelli will be in touch with you prior to the class's official kick-off).  E-mail me at kara@karamayphotography.com and let me know if you have an active seat or a silent seat and we can do a little corresponding and maybe you can tell me what you're unsatisfied with in your current photos if there's something particular you're concerned about.  I'm looking forward to our class.  Thank you so much for signing up.