{Win A Seat at the Savvy Workshop in Alys Beach - deadline Dec 2nd}

Many of you know Marsha Mifsud, owner of the Savvy Photographer.  She's an amazing business woman and the coordinator of the upcoming Savvy Workshop at Alys Beach in Florida.  I'm honored to be a part of this workshop and the amazing group of ladies who are also going to be teaching at this workshop.

So what's this workshop about?  The Workshop is being held in Alys Beach, Florida on February 22nd to the 25th, 2013.  Details can be found here.  This location is amazing!  I can't wait!  There are going to be phenomenal speakers, bonding, friendship making, photoshoots, dinners together, late night giggles, and all around fun.

So who are the speakers?     Laura Winslow, the talented owner of  Laura Winslow Photography and my dear friend will be speaking about savvy marketing, how to find your ideal client and how to make your packaging wow your clients.  Alice Park, owner of  Alice Park Photography and founder of the NAPCP will be sharing how she continues to run her amazingly successful business while balancing the demands of being a mom and  running the National Association of Profession Child Photographers .  Beth Glisson, owner of Caroline's Heirloom Photography will be sharing some great editing tricks, tips as well as how she manages her photoshop workflow.  And I will be delving into all aspects of  Styling & Posing your clients!  We will be photographing models so attendees can get hands on learning with a live shoot!!   Sounds like fun right?  I can't wait to meet those of you who've already purchased a seat! So what's the deal with the title of my post?  There's a contest!  Marsha is giving away a seat to the workshop.  Yes, a seat and accommodations.   It's very easy to enter - you can choose one category or you can do ALL of the categories.  Be creative!  Here are the details: click here.  Since this week has been so busy with Thanksgiving travel and many people have e-mailed saying that they were bummed to miss out since they were out of town and couldn't enter the contest.  So Marsha has extended the cut-off for submissions to next Sunday (a week from today)!  If you have any questions, let us know.  We're happy to answer any questions you have.