{DysFunctional Photo Friday} taking the disˈfəNGkSHən out of your photos

It's Friday!  Gosh this week went by so fast!! My kids are gone RVing with Grandma & Grandpa so it's been a strange week without hearing their little voices echo throughout the house.  Since they're gone, I've been extremely busy.  Like can't sleep at night because my brain won't turn off busy.  It's been very productive with editing, packaging orders, painting my office, remodeling the kitchen and trying to finally decorate this house after being here for a year.  I have decorating commitment problems...hence the reason for these weekly posts.  These ideas are helping me sift through my images in effort to display them throughout my home in creative ways.  Remember this post?  The one with the driftwood and twine?Well Free People just posted their own version with instructions on how they did it here.   I love their creativity with this - so colorful yet still very organic.

Have you seen this cool wallpaper sold at the Scandinavian Design Center made by Lisa Bengtsson?  On the right wall and in the right space this would be super cool.  Just put a pop on a photo, jewelry or anything that's special to you (or just leave them blank) and  you have cool art on your wall.

To make a 'BIG' statement, these wall murals are the way to go.  Super impressive with the right image!

{image below from khooll.com}

{image below from WeHeartIt}

{image below found on HGTV - with instructions on how they did it}

Very cool ideas to think about.  Hope you enjoyed this week's post.  If you have a cool idea and want to be featured on my blog e-mail me at kara@karamayphotography.com with your idea.


{DysFunctional Photo Friday} taking the disˈfəNGkSHən out of your photos

I've been struggling with ideas on how to display photos in my office.  I'm sick of the blank walls - I want to paint and then fill the walls with images that tell stories.  But how should I display them?  That's my problem.  I've been fascinated with the idea of using clothes pins (and possibly glitter-ing or painting them first) and then hanging them from twine.  You can tell a story in each photo or in a cluster of photos that have a sequence of events.  Anyway, here are some ideas I've seen that are really inspiring.  I found this image at Promise Tangeman Updates Blog - she explains exactly how she makes her cute display.  I love how the pictures aren't straight.

At the Old Brand New Blog - they've used a few different sizes of clothes pins and painted them a solid color.

Oh Houzz - I found this display of vintage photos.  I think these are clothes pinned to an old metal mattress base.  Pretty clever.

I love Southern Weddings showed this sweet display used at a wedding.  I think it would be cute for a birthday party or engagement party too.  Simple yet creative and organic.

This image I found on Pinterest and it wasn't linked to anything.  But I thought it was super cute using vintage hangers to display photos along with some miscellaneous meaningful things.  Kinda of a hodge-podge of special things and not necessarily just photos. 

If you have any ideas you'd like me to share (of your own or something that's inspired you)  please send them to me at kara@karamayphotography.com  with the subject 'Dysfunctional Photos'.  Thank you!


{DysFunctional Photo Friday} taking the disˈfəNGkSHən out of your photos

It's that time again!  This is helping me sift though my photos and forcing me to display them, I'm a photographer and right now, looking at my house, you wouldn't know it.  Since moving last May (a year ago) I have not put up a single picture!  I know, lame.  Every house prior I had wall displays, mini albums and other displays of my kiddos sprinkled nicely here and there in every room  Oh wait...I have one picture on my wall.   It's in Brielle's room.  Pictured below.  But that's the only photo displayed right now.  {shaking my head with embarrassment}   

These posts are getting my mind thinking about ideas and I'll try to post some of the ones I do along the way.

Lately, I've been trying to figure out how to organize and decorate my office (well every room in the house really) and I want it to be a creative space that represents me and this passion of mine.  I'm struggling with design ideas since there are so many directions I want to take with that space.  Right now I'm obsessed with just a hodge-podge of photos on walls.  This is a little unlike me since I like clean lines and no clutter, and this is a very cluttered look but it's organized, creative clutter and I'm drawn to that.  If I had a couch like this I think I would want to do the same as the image below.  I found this on Flickr and fell in love with it!  The one below that had me thinking about our new (well soon to be new - it's not up yet) mantle.  I found that image on Flickr too.

This one makes me think of my workspace.  It's just eye candy...you can never get sleepy with a wall like this in front of you each day.  {I found this image here.}

For a little more of an organized look, I thought this was cute.  Might look great on a small wall  or in a girls bedroom.  I think Instagram pictures would look really cool in this collage format.

 So my mind is spinning with ideas.  I can't wait to share more cool finds next week.  If you have a unique display to share please e-mail me at kara@karamayphotography and in the Title write:  Dysfunction Photo Friday.  Thanks!!

{DysFunctional Photo Friday} taking the disˈfəNGkSHən out of your photos

We've all been there.  We have gobs of photos that are stored in drawers, on shelves, in tidy little boxes, or on the computer.  I'm a repeat offender...but I'm vowing to stop the 'dysfunction' and put my photos to use by displaying them creatively.  If you're like some of my clients, they order images and put them in frames. I love that!  But there's so much more that can be done with those images.  We just need to think outside of the box and that's what this series is about....making your prints functional, unique and displayed in a beautiful way.  Every Friday (or every other Friday) join me in this new series and discover creative ways to use & display your photos.  Put the 'Function' back into your photos with some of these fun ideas.

There's so many ways to display your photos - I'm excited to try some of these myself.

What a cute way to display vintage photos...using vintage milk and medicine bottles. Just roll your photos to fit into the opening of your bottle, the photo will unroll once it's in, and you have a cool display.

{photo via Apartment Therapy}

And another take on the same concept, this time with some twine wrapped around the neck of the bottles.

{white life photography - Lisa Roy}

If you live on the coast this is a very fitting idea.  I used to find drift wood along the shores in California all the time when I lived there.  A really organic display using twine, paper and wood.  For detailed instructions on how this was done visit the link below this image.

{Morning Creativity}

Driftwood as a photo holder!  So unique!

See, there's so many ways to creatively display your photos.  If you a unique way to display your images please share them with me at kara@karamayphotography.com with the title 'Dysfunction Photo Friday' and you might be featured here on my blog!  Thanks everyone!