{DysFunctional Photo Friday} taking the disˈfəNGkSHən out of your photos

It's that time again!  This is helping me sift though my photos and forcing me to display them, I'm a photographer and right now, looking at my house, you wouldn't know it.  Since moving last May (a year ago) I have not put up a single picture!  I know, lame.  Every house prior I had wall displays, mini albums and other displays of my kiddos sprinkled nicely here and there in every room  Oh wait...I have one picture on my wall.   It's in Brielle's room.  Pictured below.  But that's the only photo displayed right now.  {shaking my head with embarrassment}   

These posts are getting my mind thinking about ideas and I'll try to post some of the ones I do along the way.

Lately, I've been trying to figure out how to organize and decorate my office (well every room in the house really) and I want it to be a creative space that represents me and this passion of mine.  I'm struggling with design ideas since there are so many directions I want to take with that space.  Right now I'm obsessed with just a hodge-podge of photos on walls.  This is a little unlike me since I like clean lines and no clutter, and this is a very cluttered look but it's organized, creative clutter and I'm drawn to that.  If I had a couch like this I think I would want to do the same as the image below.  I found this on Flickr and fell in love with it!  The one below that had me thinking about our new (well soon to be new - it's not up yet) mantle.  I found that image on Flickr too.

This one makes me think of my workspace.  It's just eye candy...you can never get sleepy with a wall like this in front of you each day.  {I found this image here.}

For a little more of an organized look, I thought this was cute.  Might look great on a small wall  or in a girls bedroom.  I think Instagram pictures would look really cool in this collage format.

 So my mind is spinning with ideas.  I can't wait to share more cool finds next week.  If you have a unique display to share please e-mail me at kara@karamayphotography and in the Title write:  Dysfunction Photo Friday.  Thanks!!