{DysFunctional Photo Friday} taking the disˈfəNGkSHən out of your photos

We've all been there.  We have gobs of photos that are stored in drawers, on shelves, in tidy little boxes, or on the computer.  I'm a repeat offender...but I'm vowing to stop the 'dysfunction' and put my photos to use by displaying them creatively.  If you're like some of my clients, they order images and put them in frames. I love that!  But there's so much more that can be done with those images.  We just need to think outside of the box and that's what this series is about....making your prints functional, unique and displayed in a beautiful way.  Every Friday (or every other Friday) join me in this new series and discover creative ways to use & display your photos.  Put the 'Function' back into your photos with some of these fun ideas.

There's so many ways to display your photos - I'm excited to try some of these myself.

What a cute way to display vintage photos...using vintage milk and medicine bottles. Just roll your photos to fit into the opening of your bottle, the photo will unroll once it's in, and you have a cool display.

{photo via Apartment Therapy}

And another take on the same concept, this time with some twine wrapped around the neck of the bottles.

{white life photography - Lisa Roy}

If you live on the coast this is a very fitting idea.  I used to find drift wood along the shores in California all the time when I lived there.  A really organic display using twine, paper and wood.  For detailed instructions on how this was done visit the link below this image.

{Morning Creativity}

Driftwood as a photo holder!  So unique!

See, there's so many ways to creatively display your photos.  If you a unique way to display your images please share them with me at kara@karamayphotography.com with the title 'Dysfunction Photo Friday' and you might be featured here on my blog!  Thanks everyone!