{'My Instagram Life' - it's more than just food photos}

Most of us have them...another life on Instagram.  We may have a Facebook life, an Instagram life and 'real' life.  Instagram is a fun outlet for me to post everyday moments with ease and without lugging my big heavy camera around.  And I can honestly say I don't know if I've ever taken a food photo (shocker I know...)  oh wait....I have taken a picture of what I'm putting in the crock pot since cooking is a struggle for me as well as healthy smoothies I've made.  So I guess I lied...I may have a handful of food photos.  I'm just not a foodie. lol  Anyway, when I first started Instagraming I thought it was my own private albums and a place to store pics.  I had no idea they were shared for any user to view if they so choose.  Then my friend Laura & Haleigh informed me one day that they commented on something on Instagram...I was like, 'What?'  Yeah, I do that a lot.  I had seen comments but thought they were an auto thing from Instagram.  I know....you're laughing at me.  But now I get it and it's such a fun way to share pictures with friends near and far with ease.  So what can you do with your Instagram pictures?  That's what I wondered after taking dozens of pictures.  There are so many places to print your Instagram photos now!  Places are popping up everywhere with the most creative way to display and print them.  I just ordered my first set of images from 'Origrami'  http://www.origrami.com  I love them!  They're printed on heavy 4x5 postcard quality paper and they come in this cute little box!  I love them.  I plan on pinning them up with little clothes pins in my office...either within a large frame or just on the wall. I'll take a picture when I remodel my office and put it up.  The back of the print shows 12 unique designs if the photo map information is not included on your photo. This makes Instagraming even more fun!  I'll be sharing more Instagram randomness soon - I may make this a series too.

You can follow my instagram life at karaphotogirl on Instagram if you'd like.