{What _____ looks like} 'the last few days of the school year'

Summer is here!  Yes, the kids are out of school and another year has quickly passed.  My momma heart has a hard time realizing and accepting that they are growing up.  I was hoping my littles would stay little forever (or at least for a lot longer than it has been).   I'm always an emotional mess as the school year comes to an end.  I want to be at everything and soak in every moment of volunteering and being with them 'in the moment' at their schools.  These years will have such a huge impact on them and I want that impact to be positive.

Sometimes I feel like that mom on the Capris Sun commercial.  You know which one I'm talking about?  (I posted the link below) I promise I'm not that protective but every time I see that commercial I laugh since that's how I feel.  Don't get me wrong, just because I want my kids happy doesn't mean I don't discipline them or hold them accountable... I definitely do.  But sometimes I wish I could protect them from every negative influence. Sigh...they're growing up and I just have to accept that.  ;)


The picture below was the morning of the last day of school.  It was pajama day!  They were pretty excited about that.

These next 3 were taken 3 days prior since we had some time to kill in the courtyard.

The second to last day of school was 'water day' for Brielle.  What a fun way to end 2nd grade!

Ty in his class autographed T-shirt (i should've taken a pic of the shirt but I wanted to capture his sweet 4th grade face).  5th grade next year - yikes!!

This last picture was the first night of summer (taken with my iPhone).  Brielle was exhausted after a full day in the sun.  Ty was full of energy on Minecraft at 10pm (I know....late.  It was an exception/celebration welcoming Summer break). I'd say the first day of summer was a success!!

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