{DysFunctional Photo Friday} taking the disˈfəNGkSHən out of your photos

It's Friday!  Gosh this week went by so fast!! My kids are gone RVing with Grandma & Grandpa so it's been a strange week without hearing their little voices echo throughout the house.  Since they're gone, I've been extremely busy.  Like can't sleep at night because my brain won't turn off busy.  It's been very productive with editing, packaging orders, painting my office, remodeling the kitchen and trying to finally decorate this house after being here for a year.  I have decorating commitment problems...hence the reason for these weekly posts.  These ideas are helping me sift through my images in effort to display them throughout my home in creative ways.  Remember this post?  The one with the driftwood and twine?Well Free People just posted their own version with instructions on how they did it here.   I love their creativity with this - so colorful yet still very organic.

Have you seen this cool wallpaper sold at the Scandinavian Design Center made by Lisa Bengtsson?  On the right wall and in the right space this would be super cool.  Just put a pop on a photo, jewelry or anything that's special to you (or just leave them blank) and  you have cool art on your wall.

To make a 'BIG' statement, these wall murals are the way to go.  Super impressive with the right image!

{image below from khooll.com}

{image below from WeHeartIt}

{image below found on HGTV - with instructions on how they did it}

Very cool ideas to think about.  Hope you enjoyed this week's post.  If you have a cool idea and want to be featured on my blog e-mail me at kara@karamayphotography.com with your idea.