{a little bit warm....for Autumn}

It's a lazy weekend and we're all recovering from being sick.  At the kids school Strep was going around like wildfire and both Tyler & Brielle caught the nasty strain :(  then they passed a bug {not the strep part as far as I can tell} to me so I've been laying low this weekend trying to recover for the busy week ahead.  But if it the temp hits a 100 degrees today we are however going to take a dip in our pool since it may be the last of the season. It's been crazy hot here in the valley - we're breaking records and it's much warmer than it should be this time of the year.   So when the Tripp's came out to Scottsdale from Nevada they enjoyed a lot of pool time and tried to stay cool in the 107 degree Fall weather we were having last weekend.  We've known the Tripp's for 10+ years and it was so great to see them again and catch-up.  They also wanted to incorporate a photo session into their visit and of course I was thrilled about it!   I hadn't seen their twin girls since they were toddlers!  They were so shy when I first saw them... but soon they were giggling, climbing trees, telling jokes, and being silly seven year old girls (well, a week shy of being 7).   We had so much fun -- Jeff and I agreed that we need to plan a trip sometime soon to Reno to see them and take the kids skiing.  Here's a peek into our session.