{a Summer weekend in Autumn}

Sounds strange hu?  It kind of is :)  Being in Arizona, Autumn doesn't start when much of the country does (sad to say).  We've had unseasonably hot weather that has  finally changed this week.  Knowing that the change was coming we took advantage and had a 'day of summer' playing in the pool and laying in the sun. The kids, being fish, were begging from the moment we woke up to go swimming.  I was a little under the weather so I watered plants by the pool and sprayed the kids and daddy with the hose making them each do a dance.  It was fun.  I had fun.  I think they had fun LOL.  The dog ran around the pool and played in the wet bushes making himself very comfortable when he was ready for a nap.

Last night the rain clouds moved in, and the sound of raindrops began to pour down.  Today I nearly thought the flood waters from the down pour were going to take my car away.  It was crazy.  The news was warning valley residents of tornadoes & floods.  Amazing how quickly the weather can change around here.  Last week we were in the 100's and this week we're in the 70's and 80's.  I'm loving this change!  The kids begged for hot cocoa and marshmallows after school - I was easily convinced :)

Here's some pictures I snapped when the kids were laying on the grass waiting for their sunscreen to soak in.  They're so goofy, I wonder where they get that from?