{Little beauty & my fun Goodwill find}

I donate to goodwill at least once a month and not long ago my kids asked why we never go inside. I explained that I'm donating and they have this handy-dandy drop-off drive through so we didn't need to go inside. This was followed of course by...'let's park and go inside, can we mommy?' So we did. But I warned, 'we aren't here to buy, just to look'. They gave me forced sad faces but said okay. And to my surprise in the very back of the store was this lonely little chair. The kids saw my face light up when I saw it, the hopped in it and squealed, 'Can we buy? It's so soft'. I didn't need much more of a push than that but it squashed my 'consistence' effort deviating from the planned 'we're not here to buy'. Sigh... I couldn't resist. It was $20 bucks so I took it - I mean bought it.Anyway, I finally decided to use it during a session (it's been stored in my garage).  I met this little beauty at some nearby groves and she was such an amazing subject.  Happy, up for anything and excited for clothing changes!  We had so much fun- we shot until we there was no more light.  Here's a peak at our session!