{Little bit Sassy - Oh So Sassy!}

The temperatures are crazy insane around the country; sizzling in LA, blazing in the Arizona Valley, and average temps around most of the country 10 degrees higher than normal for this time of the year.  But I'm so ready for some 'Fall'  weather, I could honestly cry {but I'll hold back as long as possible}.  The kids are giddy that Fall is hear but they don't understand how it can still be in the 100's during Autumn.  I have to shrug and agree that I too want cooler, crisp weather.  So to get in the fall mood we went to the 'Trader Joe's Pumpkin Patch' yesterday.  It small but the kids were literally jumping up and down exploring the little patch TJ's had set up.  We stood there and soaked it in - and went a little overboard getting 6 pumpkins.  We couldn't resist.  Of course we're going to hit as many Pumpkin Patches as possible so we'll need to refrain from buying so many at each patch.  But it was so exciting for the kids and myself -- nothing says 'Fall' like pumpkins.   Okay, I digress....onto some sassy designs {{{I'm in love}}}

Once again I am thrilled to be working with Michelle, the designer of  'Oh So Sassy'  clothing line.  I literally squealed out loud with excitement when I opened the package she mailed to me.  She is truly talented and I'm always giddy when she asks me to work with her.  And she's from AZ too!  Another designer that I would love to meet in person someday I'm in love with her cute ruffled skirts.  And her prices - crazy reasonable!!  She's going to sell out quickly!!  I can't sing her praises enough, I'm in love with her work...sigh.... ;-)