{Designer Spotlight: Eliza Kate Designs}

I'm home!  Yes, but I've been running around like a crazy woman since I've been home and haven't had a moment to edit and post all the fun sessions I had during my time in Seattle. Tyler started the first grade yesterday (weep, weep).  I can't believe he's growing up.  It's all so much harder on me it seems.  Thankfully he's a pretty happy-go-lucky kid, but I'm the one stressing, overwhelmed and intimidated by the size of his new school.  The school is fantastic and the kids there seems happy, well-balanced, etc. but I'm completely overwhelmed by how big it is.  He came from a school in South Carolina where there was only one teacher per grade and it was very small.  This is all so new.  It reminds me of my first day at college - trying to find where things are, locating my classrooms in advance so I'm not late the first day, learning a whole new routine, etc.   So those anxious memories along with my baby growing up make me a bit of a mess ;-)  I'll get over it soon....I hope.

 Okay, onto my Designer Spotlight!  I thrilled to be asked by Krystin, designer of Eliza Kate clothing line, to photograph more of her clothing.  These pieces are from her new fall line.  Aren't they adorable!!  The pants - I fell in love with (well, the skirt, tops and dress too but if I had to choose one it would be the pants) - they are so cute, fit great and I love the detail on the bottom.  Brielle wore them to school this week under a dress, it's still in the low 100's here,  I tried to explain that she'll get hot but she insisted.  And she accessorized with 2 necklaces, 5 bracelets and a neck piece/chocker thing that 'was' here head-band as a baby but looks more like a garter now.  I just let her go with it after trying to convince her that we should leave pretty jewelry at home.  I was shaking my head and giggling at the same time.   Anyway, I love the colors and fabrics she used and Brielle felt comfy in them even in the 114 degree heat we had the day of this shoot.  I was shocked she lasted as long as she did.  Cold water and lots of it was key for both of us :)  Check out more of her work at www.elizakatedesigns.com