{Designer Spotlight: Zozobug Baby}

So...I'm still in Seattle doing sessions, visiting with friends and family and just enjoying some time back in this amazing city.  Summer time here is amazing and works perfectly for sessions - except for record breaking heat...more on that later {wink}.   Anyway, we head home in just two short days and I already miss my friends, family and clients up here.  The good thing is, my flight from AZ to Sea-town is so much quicker than it was from South Carolina so hopefully that equates to more frequent vists.  ;-)  Anyway, I'll post more about my time in Seattle shortly. 

I've been meaning to post these beautiful designs for a couple of weeks, but computer glitches and being away from my main computer have delayed this.  Well talented Julie, from Zozobug Baby, sent me some great new fall designs she's incorporating into her line before I left.   Aren't these adorable!?  My favorite is the orange and purple skirt, Briella calls it her twirling skirt.  I love it!! Anyway, we  had fun photographing these despite the Arizona heat just days before we left for our trip.  Thankfully Briella has made it easy - we're done within minutes which is key in the heat.  On this day it was 114 degrees but we shot these when it cooled to 107, hence the flush cheeks.  But she's a trooper and started to cry when I told her it was time to go.  She wanted to find the grasshopper she spotted before our session, so we looked, and looked and looked.  Sadly, we couldn't find him again so Briella was finally ready to go.  Always an adventure with my little girl :) .