{Rangefinder Interview}

I know, I know...I'm super late in posting this.  My excuse - I'm trying to edit, edit, edit my sessions from Seattle and school just started for the kids so I'm a slave to my car right now with the temporary commuting I have between our temp house and their schools.  Anyway, I've had so many kind e-mails from other photographers who've read my feature in Rangefinder Magazine.  And the latest one was razzing me for not posting anything about it on my blog, so that prompted me to bump it up on my to-do list and post this evening. ;-)  The article was shown in the Special Edition -Portrait and Senior Photographer's August Issue of Rangefinder - it can be found on line at www.rangefindermag.com or click here to go directly to the article.  I don't know much about the magazines archiving system but at the end of this month the September issue will be shown so my article will be in their archives on-line (I believe). Anyway, I'm so excited and honored to be featured in this great magazine.  The interview took place just before we moved so it sounds as if I'm still in South Carolina - but I'm not....I'm here in the metropolis valley of the Sun!   So different and so fun.  I do miss my favorite old locations in the South but thankfully I'm finding a lot of variety here in the desert.  It's amazing what's out here.  Anyway, thanks so much  for checking the article out :)