{Designer Spotlight: EarthGroovs}

 I can't believe it's June and it's not blazing hot here in AZ!  In May it was sweltering (I was dying)  and now that June is half way over it's weird to think that this was one of Arizona's 'hot summer months'.   I know I'm going to eat these words the next two months though lol.   Anyway, it's been amazing weather.  We've enjoyed dinners outside, roasting marshmallows in the fire pit, going for late evening strolls while the kids go searching  for bunnies, quail,  lizards, you name it.  The desert is like a huge museum to them.  They are so curious about every cactus, every flower, every rock formation and every animal they see.  It's really fun but I  look like a mom who doesn't know much because I'm in awe too unable to explain the cactus, the rock formations,  and the various desert flowers.  Oh well, we're having fun exploring.  I feel like a kid again.  This summer has been so fun!!  We've been doing all the fun things I remember doing during the summer as a child.  Summers to me are lots of swimming, going for bike rides, making lemonade stands, and being carefree from day to day.  That's how our summer has been - we are spontaneous and each day is a fun new adventure.  So I'm glad that I have this time with my kids right now.   I'm savoring each and every moment!!

Photo sessions have been fun and spontaneous too, we take pictures, we stop and look at something cool on the ground or a bunny hopping by, then we shoot a few more pictures, then we discover more.  It's made Briella excited to go on a session -we get to explore!  During this session Briella wore some of EarthGroovs very cute and funky tops.  The talent designer, Kerry, has been featured on here before and there is more to come, she's been busy!  She offers earth-friendly & retro prints for children.  She tries  to use sustainable, natural materials whenever possible like organics & cottons in order to reduce her carbon footprint.  A very Earth friendly and environmentally conscience  boutique :)  Check out more of her styles on etsy.