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As the kids sit quietly munching on pears and watching 'Maggie and the Ferocious Beast' - I can quickly blog.   Ideally I prefer minimal time in front of the TV but sometimes I need to rely on my friends at 'Noggin' to help me out so I can get a few things done ;-)

So life has been moving fast lately which is good but makes it hard to blog and respond to e-mails.  So I'm going to work to make more time for both.  Since I haven't been able to respond to inquires regarding my actions, future workshops, mentoring and other photography related questions, I thought I could answer them here since many of the questions were the same.

Mentoring:  I would like to offer mentoring at some point.  It would be one-on-one and involve going out on a shoot where we can work on the technical aspect of photography, I would also incorporate other aspects of the business.  Details will be firmed up as I get closer to offering this.

Actions:  This is still up for debate with me.  There are so many actions out there and the thought of adding more seems a little redundant to me.  Hmmmm....

Workshops:  Right now I don't have plans for a workshop.  Possibly at some point but no current plans at this time.

Other questions I'm getting...

*'What camera do you photograph with and do you use fixed focal length or zoom lenses? ' Well, I'm a Canon girl and have had success with the 5D.   I use a variety of lenses - macro, wide-angle (both prime) but I'm obsessed to my zoom lenses.  Love the flexibility the zoom provides.  

* 'Do you use a fill-flash or a reflector?'  I currently don't use either.  With children's photography it's not practical to run around with a reflector and I find it intimidates the child and I can't get a natural look from my subject.   And I've never been fond of how a fill-flash looks.  I prefer getting the exposure spot on with appropriate natural light.  

*'Do you travel for sessions?'  I will travel for sessions but plans need to be made about 6 to 8 months out since my calendar fills up quickly and travel requires early planning, weather considerations, etc.  I ask for a deposit and travel expenses to be paid.  This works best when there are 5 to 7 families wanting pictures done, then the travel  and lodging can be split.

I know I'm forgetting to include some questions and others I've responded to directly.  If you have any others  or any I've left out, please feel free to e-mail me at kara@karamayphotography.com   Thanks !!

On a personal note:  {Some of you on Facebook have already seen these. Sorry for the repeat :) }  My kids finished swim lessons (I'm thinking about having them continue but we'll take a break for a bit before we delve into more)!!  We spent every morning at Aqua-Tots  with fabulous instructors and the kids looked forward to it each day.  Here's some pictures of their last day!  They were so excited!


Tyler below perfecting his backstroke.  He's such a little fish! ;-)


Briella below swimming to her instructor all by herself!!  Big goal met!!  And huge safety relief for mommy :)