{4th of July - late post}

Oh my, with all of the designer shoots I've been doing,  the kids being home with summer break and getting ready for my trip to Seattle - I've been late in posting our July Festivities.  I promised several people they would be able to find the pictures on my blog since they weren't on Facebook.   Anyway, what a fun weekend!!  First, I never really believed that Arizona had forests and 'real' mountains.  I was in heaven!  The nights were cool and crisp and the days were warm and sunny.  The kids had a blast playing with all the kids that were there.  Here's just a taste of our weekend :)

 Tyler and Briella, love how they hug all the time.  Hope that never changes.


The Gang - all of the kids who shared in the festive 4th of July celebration.




Sweet Madison


Tyler flying high as he jumps off the swing  {shot in low-light so excuse the grain}.


Chloe laughing so hard at her brother's face-plant on the swing.  Madison, to the rescue :)


Thankfully, Dylan was fine - no scratches at all ;-)


Larry going for a ride!


Disclaimer needed for this photo.  This was our hayride from Charlie's cabin to Larry's cabin and I'm not completely clear on what this get-up was all about, I think it may have been a dare and Rhonda drew the short straw.  Anyway, the adults were in hysterics and the kids were just confused.  The costume came off after 2 minutes and all was 'normal' again. LOL. 


The real hayride.


Simply content on the hayride.


Starving after the hayride, it was time to roast hotdogs and have a picnic.  :)


Sweet moment - Jason and Jean.


This was the craziest homemade entertainment I'd ever seen.  This was a potato launcher and it had amazing power-  kids and adults were in aw.  LOL


Jean's parents, in from China, got in on the action too.  Love Lilly's expression - priceless!


Tender kisses for Grandpa. 


Tyler and Briella after the hoola-hoop and horse-shoe contest. 


At the end of our weekend Briella agreed to let the grasshopper go that she caught on the first day.  She was heart-broken but agreed.  This jar went with her everywhere (the parade, breakfast, smorse roast, everywhere).  This was one of 7 she caught during our time in the mountains.  After opening the jar the grasshopper didn't  want to jump out right away, so she said excitedly 'See, he loves me, he wants to stay with me'.  Tugged at my heart but we explained how much the grasshopper needed to be with it's family.  She mournfully place the jar under the tree and waved good-bye as we drove off.