{the rumors are true...}

we're moving!   This is a bitter-sweet post.  I'm thrilled my husband accepted a new job in Scottsdale Arizona, but I'm sad to leave my friends and clients here in South Carolina.  I'm also going to miss my favorite locations and all of the open spaces.  I've neglected my blog a bit since we found out, we've been so busy prepping the house and trying to figure out the logistics of our move.  I plan to stay here through May so I can work with my Spring clients.  But if our house sells sooner (which is not likely in this market), that may have to change.  I've gotten so many sweet e-mails from clients and friends who heard the news - thank you, they mean a lot to me.  It's so hard to leave my loyal clients and the friends we've made but I'm excited and a little nervous about the adventures that await me in Arizona.  I've been asked if I will come back a few times a year to do sessions and many of you have kindly offered for me to stay with you or in your guest houses!  I appreciate your offers and may have to take you up on it since I would love to come back once a  year to do sessions!  

Soooo for the next few months my life is going to be CRAZY with Jeff gone, being involved with my children's activities, getting ready to move,  keeping the house spot-less for showing, doing sessions, etc.  - so if you've e-mailed me for a session I'm sorry if I haven't gotten back to you.  Feel free to harass me a bit, since sometimes things get nuts and I may not get back to you in a timely manner.  I don't at all mind you e-mailing or calling if I haven't been able to respond to you right away.   Those of you on the wait-list for a session I will be contacting you as well.  Thanks so much for your patience!