{Pieces of The Picture – Interview}

A while back Tommy Peterson, of Pieces of the Picture, contacted me after seeing some of my work on flickr.  He's a fabulous interviewer and our discussion is featured on his blog.  His blog has become a resource for many photographers wanting to learn more about the industry.  His interviews are thoughtful - digging into various aspects of the art from the photographers he spotlights.  Check out our interview at Pieces of the Picture.  Thanks! 

Had to include a little bit of eye distraction and post this picture.  I saw these mailboxes at a trailer park not too far from me.  With the recent snow fall (yes, we got snow in the south again!  Can you believe it?) sprinkled onto these somewhat sad mailboxes I just had to capture the stillness and abandoment that they spoke.  Random, I know but I love random.