{fantastic finale to my 2008 sessions}

Whew...my 2008 photo sessions are officially done!!  Now..... I have a ton of orders to process and packaging to do but after that, I can breathe and enjoy a little bit of time just before the holidays!   This last session was so fun, another session I didn't want to end (so many ideas, so little time).  I photographed Hayden last year, but this year I got his parents in on the session!  I love it when clients let me go with my vision. Thankfully, 99% of my clients let me run with my ideas & vision for the session and this family was no exception.   They were awesome to photograph - a gorgeous family.   I couldn't decide what images to post so I'm posting a bunch.   Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Below:  faded yesterday conversion

Below - Vintage B&W

I can't help but admit that I LOVE the two pictures below.  I asked Kate and Chad to kiss (PG) and here's Hayden's reaction....