{Designer Spotlight: Kate Emerson & Nuxiemade}

You all know what a huge fan I am of these two designers. I use Nuxiemade hats in almost all my sessions and the kids {and moms} love them!!  She's coming out with some new designs after the holidays - I can't wait!  And Kate Emerson is starting her new Spring line - here's a little sneak peek at one of her adorable knot apron dresses.    Brielle felt like such a princess in this dress - she kept dancing and twirling around during our mini session.  And when we got home she insisted on keeping on her 'flower princess dress'  coupled with her princess crown and sparkly shoes.  I had to convince her to take it off to go to bed.  She's all girl {except for her devotion to 'little creatures' - aka lizards, ladybugs, any bug really}.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by more spotlights to come.