{the princess & the lizard, a heart-felt devotion}

I'm a little bummed tonight...several of my sessions have been post-poned due to this rainy weather.  I love the rain, but when it interferes with this crazy time of the year it makes things a bit of a challenge.  I want my sessions to turn out the best they can and rain is not going to make for a great session.  Anyway, I'm excited for my upcoming sessions and trying my hardest to find spots for make-ups.  For those of you who have been post-poned thanks for hanging in there and being patient. :)

So my little girl has a strong adoration for animals, insects, lizards, pretty much anything living.  I've never seen anything like it - well actually maybe once.  She and my client Elizabeth share the same deep affection for lizards- remember her?  She so reminded me of how Brielle will be a few years from now.  Anyway, Brielle talks about her lizards every day, she'll  dance around in her Cinderella dress and stop to gently catch a lizard and giggle with excitement prancing around holding and singing to it.  We have 2 or more that live on our screen porch and she talks incessantly about them (they are all named Briella too, a little confusing to me, but I just go with it).  Every day on the playground at school Brielle is on the look out for ladybugs, lizards and frogs.  And she pleads with tears running down her cheeks to keep them, 'but they like me, they want to be with me, I love them'.  It honestly tugs at my heart and I give in and let her take the lizards home to our screen porch.  Today we found a few on the playground and when I suggested she leave him there so she can see him tomorrow the tears began to flow and she ran away to the corner of the playground.  Her affection for these little green guys is so strong that I get sucked in.  I know, I'm weak....but you have to see her - it's painful and heartbreaking.  Since I didn't have a container today to transport the lizard in, she assured me she'd hold the lizard in her hand in the car all the way home - I knew she would - she's so careful with them. She even carried him on our walk (she sat in the stroller and sang 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and talked to the lizard) and of course she wanted to share her 'pet' with the next door neighbors - Ben, Pat and Kristin.  Needless to say, we have more lizards on our screen porch now. 

She also loves grasshoppers and hand feeds them flowers - which they eat, at least they do for her.  It's amazing to see their little mouths munch on the pedals as Brielle softly talks to them and encourages them.  There's no way I can tell her not to touch them when she has this strong connection with little creatures.  I just hope she never picks up a snake - I've warned her about them since there are cottonmouths and rattlers here.  Anyway, I couldn't resist posting these pictures I snapped of Briella holding and singing to one of the lizards she found moments earlier.  Notice the Cinderella dress, she strips her clothes off the moment she gets home and puts on one of her many dress-up dresses or tutu's.  This day was no different. ;-)