{Pastel pink scooters, fluffy tutu's & bright green lizards...}

All of these things make for a fun and entertaining photo session.  I arrived to my client's house this past weekend greeted by an adorable red haired little girl dressed so pretty in her 'Snow White' dress up clothes.  I knew it was going to be a fun session when I saw how into dress up she was.  And she told me all about princesses as she danced and pranced around in the tutus and petti coats I brought along.  Her her older sister, Elizabeth, was very sweet and all-girl too....but she had a fascination with bugs, spiders and lizards.  Yes, really!  She so reminded me of how Briella might be when she's several years older since she has the same adoration.  Elizabeth told me about the spider was came across - big {make that GINORMOUS} spider actually.  I got weak in the knees just looking at it.   It was a 'barn' spider that it made its home in their backyard and Elizabeth loved it.  She told me all about them and how they live in groups, so if you see one, then you're bound to see another one close by.  And she proved to be right, a few feet away we saw one of the spiders buddies spinning a huge web.  So I'm sure you're wondering where the green lizard in the title comes in.... well  at the end of our session we spotted 2 bright green lizards climbing the outside wall of their home.  Elizabeth's mom told me that Elizabeth loves to catch lizards and sure enough, she caught the lizard and started excitedly telling me all about these lizards (she even knew the name of this particular species of lizard).  She carefully showed me his tail and said that when they lose their tail it grows back and when they are sensing danger a big red bubble forms under their chin.  I stayed longer just to hear more about her fascination and to see her put it in her temporary lizard home, giving it water, food, etc.  How often are you going to have a session like this!  It was so fun and the girls were so engaging.  Erin (the youngest) even hopped up from playing play-doh and doing crafts to stop me as I was leaving giving me a big hug.  I of course loved it!! 

Here's a little peek at our session :)

I can't forget the bright green lizard Elizabeth caught :)