{Tractors, 'Ouy Juice' & a Handsome Little 2 year old}

Last Tuesday I ventured a little out of town to my clients grandfather's farm - it was gorgeous and huge!  We got to follow the big'ole John Deere tractor in a golf cart to other parts of the farm.  The little man I photographed, Heyward, just turned two and he was amazing to photograph.  He seemed like an 'old soul' more mature for his age, more aware of his surroundings and who he is.   I felt like he wanted to say so much but his little 2 year old vocabulary wouldn't let him say it.  We walked to the pond on the farm which he referred to as 'ouy juice'.  Anything that's water, liquid, etc. is 'juice' so as an example the bathtub is 'bubble juice'.  Isn't that cute?!  Love how kids have their own way of referring to things.  I have to brag a little more about this little 2 year old... he has such a sweet demeanor, and when he says 'thank you', he says it in the sweetest little voice, looks you straight in the eyes and says it with such sincerity.  I was amazed!  I had a great time photographing him on the farm.

Here's  a little peek at our session!

I'm showing this in b&w too since my husband really likes the b&w one and I like the color one (okay, so I like them both but I'm gravitating toward the the color one).  :)