{early morning sun, faint mists of fog and pie?}

I had a session on an early foggy Saturday morning, but that fog quickly faded as the sun rays filtered through the trees.  It was a hot and humid morning - the bees were buzzing, the birds were chirping and the ants were marching (that would be 'red' ants) ;-).  As I unloaded the truck with all my props (I had a ton), early morning bike riders and walkers gave me inquisitive looks followed by friendly smiles.  I must've looked pretty silly lugging a suit case and what looked like the entire contents of a small apartment into the deep foggy forest.  One sweet elderly lady even pulled over and said with a smile, 'What in Tarnation?!' okay she didn't say those exact words, it was more like 'oh my, what are you doing with all of this'?  She chuckled after I told her and said 'looks like fun'.   Anyway, I was soon greeted by little Simmons, who's 2 years old and her parents.  What a doll Simmons is!  She's little, she's fast and she hung in there well with all the humidity.  During the session she asked a couple of times for her 'pie' - I thought 'hmm, pie - that's something I didn't bring to the session with me...' but it sounded yummy.  Then her mom told me that's what she calls her pacifier - so funny what each child calls it.  My kids called it their 'pah-nue'.... I know, how can pacifier be shortened to pah-nue?  {shrug}.  Anyway, I had fun photographing Simmons and my favorite part was when she wanted me to hold her toward the end of the session - melted me.    Here's a little peek at our morning.