{A beauty and her adorable younger brother}

Oh look at this little guy's curls!  I love them!  And his older sister Curry is such a wonderful 'big sister'.  She was so patient with Drew (2 years old) and tried to help him when he was nervous about the big tractor (not shown in these images) that he was certain was going to drive off ;-).  She was so willing to help him and encourage him - I was impressed and in awe over their relationship.    Curry was amazing to photograph - she's just the perfect model.  And Drew had me giggling at his serious looks (clever little poker face) and the way he would just lean on the steering wheel of his tractor looking so unimpressed at the girl with the lens in his face ;).  Truly all boy!  I had a great time photographing these two- it was dark by the time we left our location.

Here's a little preview of our session!