{Urban Session - 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'}

Last night I had a blast with these 3 girls!!  We literally shot this session till the sun went down.  Although we got started a little late but we managed to cram so much into such a small amount of time.  The 3 of them were so easy to work with and had fun - which makes all the difference in the world with capturing real 'girl moments'.  There were texting breaks, candy breaks, giggles and we can't forget....locking keys in the car.  Yes - it added a little adventure and mystery to the evening...'would we get the car unlocked?'  Then I remembered, I had my trusty AAA card and within 30 minutes a man in a big truck rescued us.  :0)  It reminded me of all the times I locked my keys in my car in college.  This was a first for Cassidy (at least having it happen further from home where a spare could be found).  It all worked out  though!  AAA is the best!  Anyway, here's a little peek at our session.