{New Workshop: 'Defining Yourself' on the Bloom Forum}

I'm excited to tell you all about a workshop that Stephanie Moore and I are putting on April 8th to the 18th on the Bloom forum.  There are only a few seats remaining since we pre-sold a most of them.  This is a 2-week on-line workshop that will take you through various 'shooting' and 'editing' styles to help guide you and your business to a more defined style.  We'll share editing using Photoshop so an understanding of the basics in that program is needed.  Shooting in Manual mode is also going to be beneficial for this class.  Does that mean we'll be showing you exactly how we edit?  No, we'll be talking about various ways to edit to enhance your images and/or add drama.  Here's a little information about the class below. Please contact me at kara@karamayphotography for any questions.  Thanks!!