{When a Commercial Shoot turns into a Circus}

This week is Spring Break for my kids.  Woo Hoo!  But this is the first year we haven't gone to Mexico during Spring Break and just stayed home.   We have been busy with to-do's appts and working around my crazy schedule and the kids have just had to go with the flow.  Well today was no exception.  They were peacefully playing when I announced I really wanted to do a quick indoor  commercial shoot with them.  They were excited at the idea of staying in and shooting at home so we didn't have to leave the house and completely disrupt what they were doing.  Um, I have a schedule too kiddos, and it doesn't involve playing all day.  I've got deadlines, orders to package, editing, more editing and a couple of workshops to get ready for.  But for some reason this week the kids think it's 'their week'.  I get that...but really, I need to get my things done too and it's hard.   I'm trying to make it fun for them....I really am.  So that means I've had to put some of my work aside and just live in the 'now'.  I'm trying to do that more and more even if that means pushing back deadlines a touch (those that can be pushed).  This week I'm a momma all week with moments of work sprinkled in when they are sleeping and sometimes when they are awake and needed for my 'commercial jobs'. Thankfully, Tyler was excited today  - he got to help me move furniture!  He felt like the man of the house - cute to see.

So this was a partial attempt at an indoor commercial photo shoot.  They lasted a good minute before the craziness broke out.  I told them we'd try again later and they happily ran off laughing.  Kids.  This is the struggle photographers deal with when working with our own children.  It's a blessing and a headache all at once. ;-)