{Almost Rained Out...two beautiful munchkins}

Oh you guys have been so patient waiting this long for your sneak peeks {I know, I'm not done yet.  There are others waiting and I'm pouring through each session keeping the 'zipfizz' going so I can get more done.  Off Topic: Have your tried 'Zipfizz'?  It's pretty neat stuff - just put it in your water bottle watch it fizz and sip on a yummy energy drink.  Prob not the best for you but I rationalize drinking it by reading the label again and again noting the huge amount of vitamins in each tiny pink tube. ;-) I digress... }

We almost got rained out during this session - yes, it was raining just as we were about to get started.  So we hung out in our cars for about 15 minutes hoping that the rain would stop... it didn't stop but it lightened up enough to step out to my favorite lush green field in this area.  I was so excited to have a session with Makenzi and Kennedi - I photographed these two when they were much smaller so I was giddy.  Jeff & I were in the same child birth class as Michelle & Cliff (the two girls' parents) and we've been close friends ever since.  I can't believe how much this age group grows in just a years time!   I wish I could just take them all home with me to SC so I don't have to miss seeing them grow and we can have play dates whenever we wanted!  I'm realizing that those days are numbered as these kids get older - the idea of a 'playdate' will be no longer after a certain age :(  Why can't we keep them small? 

Here's  a little snipet from our session!  I did a bunch of different post processing on these, some vintage washed ones with texture, faded wash post processing and my classic color.  

The next one I processed to get a sun bleached look to the image.  This is one of my favorite home-brewed actions.

Normal Kara color...

Vintage play and my own texturing (psst... to make your own just take a picture of something like a blank canvas, a crumpled piece of paper, the side walk, etc all on macro on your camera.  It's super easy and fun!)

Vintage play and other textures applied to the one below....