{Nuxiemade - Designer Spotlight}

Remember Nuximade?  I featured this amazing hat designer several months ago and I am again thrilled to feature more of Nux's amazing work.  She's also in the process of designing other styles and colors so stay tuned. 

I always bring these hats to sessions and my clients fall in love with them asking me for the link and information on the hats.  Some clients even show up to our session with the hats since they've seen them featured and used on my blog with so many clients.  Love that!

My children love the hats and Brielle has gotten a little possessive of them.  I use them primarily for my sessions but if the kids want to wear one I let them - why not?  Well, when Briella sees pictures of my clients in 'her' hats, she says 'Hey, why are they wearing my hat?  They didn't ask?  Was I sharing - no one told me'  - I have to remind her that the hats are for my clients to wear and she gets to wear them when I'm not photographing.  She's got that just turned three attitude and drama.  I'm nervous for her teen years.   Tyler on the other hand will see pictures of clients in the hats and say 'Oh cool they wore our hats, looks good mom'.  And then he'll point out his favorite image.   So funny how the two are so different - could be the age or it could be the difference in gender - who knows?