{Green Grass, Slimy Slugs and Two Boys}

The other day, I photographed two young boys who were so much fun.  {I know, I say every session is so much fun, but it's true - I love photographing children, I have a blast and usually the kids do too ;-) }   Big brother Daniel, was followed by little Evan who was just a happy go lucky little guy.  His all boy voice echoed across the field as he excitedly told us what he had found.  Ladybugs and slugs - wow, what more could a boy want!  Daniel was entertaining me with some of the silly expressions -shown below (he's bound to be an actor someday)  while Evan continued on his mission in search of more wildlife (aka insects).  These two boys really have a close bond, they didn't argue or poke at each at all throughout our session, and their mother re-affirmed that they really are the best of friends.   So cool to see that kind of relationship between brothers. 

Here's just a tiny peak at our session. :) 

Evan playing PEEK-A-BOO!  ;-)