{Sparkling Brown Eyes...and 'the Reflection'}

Little Cosette.....what a cutie-patootie.  She just turned two and showed me with her two little fingers just after arriving at our location.  And what a little trooper Cosi was, we went on a bit of a hike during this session and Cosi hung in there.    I should always mention that there's a possibility of a good work-out during my shoots since we either walk a distance or carry heavy props from venue to venue {it's really not that bad  ;-) I promise.} Anyway, it was a gorgeous day and we stopped to listen to the birds along the way.   Here's a quick peek at our session.  Note: I'm editing these quickly on my laptop so bare with me till I get back to SC where I do my real editing. 

I was reminded again after opening my images to edit, that I should never wear red, orange or any other bright colors {look at the close-up of Cosi's eye}.  Isn't that crazy?!  I had to edit my shirt color out of every image so it wasn't distracting (or look like 'red-eye').  I know better since this isn't a first - thankfully it's an easy edit.  ;-)