{Dimples + Melt-Your-Heart Smiles= Rex and Julia }

Yes, these two siblings are absolutely adorable!  They have the cutest little dimples and bright sparkles in their eyes - it's clear they are brother and sister.   And I have to say, Rex is one of the best big brothers I have seen - he was so good with Julia when she was having a little 'reflective moment' (aka girl drama over not being able to ride on her Dora toy - we girls can relate) ;-)   Rex tried to distract her and offer her comfort until she finally calmed down - it was really sweet to see. 

Anyway, the weather was gorgeous this past weekend in Seattle and these kids were ready to show me around.  Rex started by showing me his football and his cool dinasour boots.  And Julia, who's not quite two yet, fell in love with my petticoats & tutu's as well as several of my hats (a photographers dream....)   I promised I would try to blog while I was here so I've done what editing I can on my laptop so I could share a few of the images from this session.  :)  Thanks for stopping by-- more Seattle sessions will be posted soon so stay tuned. :)Showing me his big muscles ;-)