{Sessions in 'Starbucks Land'...sigh... can't wait!}

Okay, so Seattle isn't 'Starbucks Land' but it is where Starbucks was born and is head-quartered.  It's a place where you can find a Starbucks on every street corner and then some...oh I miss that...was I spoiled? ;-)  I'm so excited for my trip and all the sessions I have lined up... it's going to be a whirlwind 2 weeks and I can't wait!  I've got some tiny-tots, some tweens and some teens to photograph and I'm loving that variety. 

Anyway, I'm frantically trying to wrap things up here - hence the neglected blog (I hate that...).  And in doing so, I'm getting things prepared for my sessions here at home when I return so for those of you waiting for your client information packet - they are in the mail!  Had to show proof with pics!  ;-) 

And being that I will be flying - my kids accompanying me- I couldn't resist photographing my sons beloved plane (I think this one is a bi-plane, but non-the-less it's a plane).  The kids can't wait - they get to spend time with Grandma & Grandpa while I'm working.  Lucky kids ;-)  Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in some Seattle Urban photographs of my little munchkins while I'm away (fingers crossed).   Anyway, I played with the processing on these images slightly changing the feel of each - so fun (and dorky I know).  Oh I'll have my laptop with me in Sea-town and I'm going to try to post some entries to my blog so it's not neglected again. ;-)