{More from 'Earthgroovz' - Designer Spotlight Series}

Kerry, the designer and owner of Earthgroovz, sent me 3 more fun dresses to photograph!  Oh... I love them all and my daughter was Little Miss Giddy putting them on (especially the one with the apple & pear pattern) - she kept saying  'oooh these are so so pretty mommy... aren't they so so pretty?'.  Thankfully she has a fondness for fun clothes just like her mommy ;-).  I love how these dresses  tie at the shoulders so you can choose to tie them higher or a bit lower.  And I found the coolest melon green wall to photograph one of the dresses in front of.  I'm a sucker for colorful walls, although you won't know it looking inside my house (every wall is creamy white - an off-white that looks like it has a touch of yellow in it).  Anyway,  here are some pictures of Briella in some of the dresses Earthgroovz offers.  Oh and I couldn't resist adding the one of her curling her tongue - isn't that supposed to be an autosomal dominant trait or gene or something?  Anyway, she got some giggles out of that one. 

Note:  Kerry will be back from vacation on the 12th so hold tight that's only a few days aways.  After the 12th take a peek at Earthgroovz  to see all of her fabulous handmade items!

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