{Whispers, Giggles & Quietly Emanating Echoes}

This week I had a photo session with 5 fun and happy kids! The kids stayed energized the whole session which took 3 hours!! With snacks in between, clothing changes and location changes we did it! Phillip and Izzy' (the two dark haired children) had their cousins (the 3 light haired kids - I know, stating the obvious - I do that) in town from Washington DC. The kids played so well with one another and you could tell that these cousins are close and miss each other being 7 hours away. The youngest in the group is 5 months old, then a busy and silly 2 year old and three 5 year olds!

Being with these 5 made me think of visits with my cousins when I was their age. I didn't have cousins that lived close by, but every summer we got to see many of them. I have 15+ cousins so summer visits were so exciting for my brother, sister and I. Anyway, photographing these five brought me right back to my younger years and remembering all the fun times I had with my own cousins. Here's a little peek at our session. I couldn't resist going 'vintage' on a few of these. They just had that vibe and I went with it :)