{In search of 'Habitat' - no better way than in a tutu. Who knew?}

I'm still here in Seattle and loving being in a 'big city' again - so much to inspire me here.  It's been a blast and a whirlwind of appointments (3 in one day yesterday - crazy, I know, and now my body is feeling it by getting some sort of bug.  Ugg :(  )  But it's been worth every minute and I wish I could stay longer to photograph those of you who were on the wait-list or who's sessions got rained out.  I will be back and I'm excited to meet more of you and your children.  I fly to South Carolina on Thursday morning so I will spending my last two days here with family, trying to get well before flying home and organizing everything to fit into the luggage I came here with - it's lika huge puzzle, every piece has to be placed in the right spot for it to be a success.  ;-)

This was a fun session because it was with my adorable niece and nephew!  We met them at a beach near my sisters house.  This location was amazing but I couldn't take any of my other clients since it was an hour from Seattle - so I just soaked it in during this special session.  The beach had some cool old (but well maintained and preserved) historical buildings, old bunkers, huge gnarled tree roots that dipped into the saltwater below and other cool things that I freaked out and got excited over.   My nephew just turned five and he has such an imagination which makes things fun.  On this adventure he was in search of 'beach habitat' and his little sister followed in his very serious mission.   Love that girls can do 'boy' things (like throw rocks, dig in the sand, and squirm over seaweed) while looking so pretty in all girly-girl threads.  That's just what Mikayla did in a fluffy little tutu.  I couldn't resist her gorgeous sun-kissed ringlets - soooo adorable.   As we step out on to the beach she took my hand, pulled it in close to her, and said in her quiet little voice, 'can you follow me?  I'll take you somewhere' - melted my heart.  I don't get to see these two very much since we moved across the country so this was a real treat for me - complete one on one time.  I loved every minute of it!!

I had fun playing with the images below.  I used different texture and other fun techniques to get a different mood/feel to some of them. So fun :)