{smell of St. Patty's Day is in the air}

Yesterday morning, before the sun rose but after Jeff returned home from his early morning run, a leprechaun's helper stopped by our house to spread the cheer of St. Patrick's Day.  The kids and I crept out our front door and to our Courtyard gate to find a big green gift bag hanging on the gate.  The kids were giddy and I was excited at this unexpected surprise.  Inside were treasures - gold chocolate coins, green necklaces, green glow sticks, a shamrock pillow, and several cute St. Patrick's day pins.   How cool is that?!   It's like getting 'Booed' on Halloween but it's on St. Patrick's Day!  I love it!!  So we got to be the Leprechaun's helper before the sun rose this morning.  So fun for the kids to participate in this.  Thank you to whoever started this in our neighborhood!

Here's a copy of the letter that goes in the gift bag that includes the Legend and directions on how to help the Leprechaun continue to spread the word about the Leprechaun and his legend.  I'm so happy someone started this - so festive and fun!!

And below is a picture of our pup getting into the St. Patrick's Day spirit.  The kids put this cute hat on him and he amazingly kept it on long enough for me to get my camera out and snap a picture.  Love the look on his face - clearly confused (lip curl) and unenthusiastic over it all.  He can't see anything with all that hair in his eyes...he's in need of a trim. ;o)

Hope you and your family are getting into the St. Patrick's Day spirit.  {Side Note:  Since it's Dr. Susses Birthday today, the kids school is honoring this day & celebrating by serving green eggs, ham and french toast...green!  More green gearing up for St. Patrick's Day.  How fitting!}  :)