{I will never forget tonight...}

I will never forget tonight.  The passion my little girl had.  The joy on her face.  The squeals and giggles that emanated from her little body.  The sun filtering through her hair.  Her little freckles sprinkled across her nose.  Tonight was special.  I've never seen this kind of joy from Brielle.  She's a passionate child but tonight was different.  It was pure joy and proud accomplishment.  We did a session for a designer...{FaithWorks4U} and I decided to bring a brand new hula-hoop (unseen by Brielle prior to our session).  She screamed with excitement and was determined to use it and show me that she could use it.  After a handful of unsuccessful attempts I reassured her that it takes time to learn how to use it.  She still had a determined smile on her face and kept at it.  I watch and I soaked in the smile on her face, the look of resolve in her eyes, her mouth propped open as she tried and tried to keep the hula-hoop going and her laughter when she got it to go around her more than 3 times.  We cheered, laughed and stayed in the old lot we had occupied until the sun went down.  She begged, 'one more time', 'just one more time' more times than I can count and I couldn't resist but say yes.  This moment will be gone in mere seconds, I wanted to soak it in as much as she did.  The sun had set by the time we got home.  I had a proud and excited girl buckled in chatting about how she wanted to do it as soon as we got into the house.  And again after dinner.  And again after her bath.  I loved it.  At dinner she said 'I found something I'm really good at.  And I love it!'  I melted at her words, her excitement, the expression on her face...at her.  I will never forget tonight.