{Pish Posh Girls!}

Busy.  That's been my life (I know it's a word most everyone can use to describe life today).  Nothing new just repeating myself.  I've begun an new business venture to add to my repertoire.  I'm crazy I know - but a few nights ago I woke up at 1am and couldn't go back to sleep.  My mind was racing...it wouldn't stop and I came up with some business ideas that I'm ridiculously excited about!  I wish I didn't need any sleep at all so I can just create, work and accomplish the goals I have for my current and new business venture.  This new business direction is catered toward helping other photographers....design stuff.  Stuff I love, but haven't had time or energy to think about.  I'm working on a new blog for it and I'm soooo excited for it's release, but it may be a while since I'm in the middle of lots of projects!  One is working with the many talented designers that I'm so lucky to have an opportunity to photograph and work with (something I never want to stop doing).  I'm so excited that I got to work with the amazing talent behind Pish Posh Girls, Laura Owens.  She founded her clothing company based on her obsession for beautiful fabrics, colors and stylish interiors.  She's created some of the most beautiful heirloom quality pieces.  And let me say first hand, these heirloom quality dresses are made with amazing attention to detail.  The colors she's chosen for this part of her clothing business is perfection.  I really can't say enough about her work.  I'm truly amazed by the talent I come in contact with and I feel so lucky.  Check out her boutique.  Note:  The dress Brielle is wearing is limited so keep that in mind if your interested in ordering this particular dress.