{Happy Heart Day!}

It's Valentine's Day!  It's been fun, festive, sugar filled and it's done.  Have I told you how much I love celebrations?  I love them.  I will celebrate anything and everything right now since my kids eat it up and so do I.  It makes life fun and hopefully makes wonderful memories for my kids.  We began the day giddy, excited for school - gathering our treats and teachers gifts and heading out the door ready for classroom parties.  Tyler had a 'Publishing Party' first thing in the morning - he's been busy studying Tyrannosaurs Rex Dinosaurs for the past three weeks.  Then there was a parade at school - the 4th graders made floats of each county in Arizona and revealed them in the parade.  The kids loved it.  Finally it was Brielle's class party.  The hair image shown below is a little girl's in Brielle's classroom.   Her mom is sooo creative and does the cutest things to her daughters' hair.  I had to snap a shot of the heart she made out of braids - how clever!  Once we got home we got the party started at home.  I was as excited as they were.  I made a scavenger hunt for them and in the end they found a little gift (markers with roller stamps on the ends).  They loved it so much they created 5 more scavenger hunts for me!  Yep, for me!!  So sweet and so fun to see their cute clues.  Then we sat down to a special dinner.  Brielle is just like me....she loves presentation.  She was so excited about the place settings she didn't want to unwrap the silverware of its twine.  She requested ones from the drawers so she wouldn't mess up the one next to her plate.  After our tummies were full we got started on making sugar cookies for some friends.  Brielle made almost the whole thing herself and Tyler sampled the dough giving his thumbs up before he left the kitchen to play with the puppy.  Jeff got home late :( but he was sure to give the sleeping kids kisses when he got home. Some to me too :).  Hope you had a great Valentine's Day with you and your family.