{hearts, candy & sweet cheek smiles}

Oh Valentine's Day is almost here!!  Are you as excited as I am?  Not for the gifts . We don't do gifts - my hubby & I.  Instead we make it a fun celebration for the kids.  I had sooooo many ideas for crafting, gifting, ect. but business commitments didn't allow any time for all the things brewing in my head to experiment and play with (boo hoo) :(  But we are getting ready for tomorrow around here. We have garland strung, valentine cards filled out, teachers gifts made (or in the process), baking, and drawing.  We'll be up late tonight :)  The kids love it!!  Tomorrow Jeff is working late so the kids and I are going to have a special dinner together.  We're going to make placemats, light candles, and eat heart shaped foods.  Most likely we'll make mini-heart shaped homemade pizzas so the kids and put whatever toppings they want on their pizza :) & a green salad - not sure how to make that with a Valentine flair but I'll think of something.  And for desert, we'll enjoy the heart shaped sugar cookies we made today.  Ty & Brielle can't wait!  Me too!

Well I hope you're day is full of wonderful moments with your family & loved ones.  Happy Valentine's Day to you all.