{Ohhhh…this has spurred a desire…} Arizona Commercial Photographer

A desire to travel.  I've always wanted to see Ireland's 40 shades of green and Scotland's rolling rocks and grassy countryside.  Many of my family members have been, but I'm looking forward to the day I can go rather than hearing & reading about it.  I want to go to photograph the landscape, the people, the lifestyle.  Sigh...someday I will go there.  But this outfit that I photographed made this desire resurface.  Majd, the designer and talent behind, Janum, sent me this adorable tartan outfit!   It's made so well, and I was impressed with the detail.  And the peasant top - it's wrinkle FREE.  I want like 10 of them in different colors and patterns.  It's made of a soft, material and goes with everything.   Also she's designed this cute little girls costume for Halloween {Rapunzel}!!   Brielle got a kick out of wearing the costume and being Rapunzel for a while during our shoot.  Her smile was huge and she giggled a lot. :)