{Saguaro Lake - Labor Day Weekend 2010}

A little gem is only 20 minutes away from me - Saguaro Lake...I had no idea!  Our friends invited us to go on their boat with them & the kidlets.  Anyway, we made the quick trip up to the lake early in the morning and spent the day tubing, swimming, having delicious watermelon mojitos, and yummy snacks.  The kids were in heaven.  It was the first time Tyler and Brielle tubed and they loved it!  Tubing wasn't only fun for the kids, we all got turns too - yes, the adults.  I think I pulled a muscle holding on so tight and Bill, our wonderful captain and friend took it easy on us even though we were airborne many times LOL.  I had a raspy voice from all the screaming and hollering - it was so much fun!

{below:  the kids as we rode further into the lake looking for the perfect spot.   Anxious, excited kiddos aboard}

{below} Liam, such a handsome little man.

{below}  I think someone's excited.  Brielle was so excited to go tubing for the first time.  She'd say, 'Go Fast! but kinda slow'.  I loved it.

Going 'Fast, but kinda slow' here. LOL - love each of their expressions.  Ty's cracks me up :)

{below}  Little Grace was ready to get off the tube and just go swimming.  She's daring on the tubes but not on this day.

Much better, dipping in the cool water with her momma, Sue.

{below}  Sweet Ella, she's only 2 but hung in there the whole time.  She spent her time playing games in the lower cabin of the boat and swimming when we found a good swimming spot.

{below}  Captain Briella & Co-Captain Sue - or is that the other way around?

All the kids together chillin on the tube after swimming.

Grace took over the wheel for a while :)

So the boat overheated at the end of the day and we were lucky enough to get asked by a nearby houseboater to play on their boat and with there two grandchildren.  The kids had a blast - they jumped off the roof of the houseboat - how cool is that for a kid?!  We were so thankful the kids were happily occupied in the 110 degree heat.

Brielle really wanted to jump off the top of the boat and we all rooted her on {peer pressure, how bad is that?} but she was reluctant and came back down the ladder.  She preferred playing in the house-boaters inflatable floating pool.  Smart girl ;-)

The Boys.  Will, Liam and Tyler.  What an awesome day with great friends and fantastic memories made.  :)